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Two Christian doctrines run through every life question.

What people believe impacts how they think.

Why are humans at war? Why do laws change? What is the basis for peace?

Watch our two minute video to find out how belief impacts our thinking (full text below).

Where Christian wisdom and college life meet is not just a tag line, it’s a way of life.

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A group of students and I discussed a classroom question: “Why are humans always at war?” The dialogue centered on people needing to make a decision against violence, for peace. The classroom discussion had given no reason or standard for either anti-violence or pro-peace.

“There are two basic beliefs which form the basis for the Christian worldview,” I said, “Absolute truth and humanities’ inherent corruption. Absolute truth gives us a reason for saying what is right and wrong.” I continued, “Inherent corruption in human nature shows the reason why humans are at war.”

Another Comenius student stopped by at lunch to ask, “My law professor says that the law changes depending on the culture. What will his basis for ethics be if judicial rulings are based on the shifting standard of the day?”

“The only basis your professor has for law,” I began, “Is the hope of evolutionary development based on the assumption of human perfectibility.” 

After her class that same day she texted me.

“My law professor gave a lecture on Liberalism. He believes humanity will learn from its mistakes and flaws and evolve into morally better people – exactly what we were discussing at lunch!”

Students in public university are being taught from a belief system, beginning with assumptions. I love helping Comenius students understand their academic – intellectual development from a decidedly Christian perspective.

The Comenius tag-line explains both our passion and mission: “Where Christian wisdom and college life meet.”

One patron says,

“By supporting Comenius, I see God’s Truth bringing reconciliation with love. Comenius is a work I wish was available when I was in college.”

The words of our students explain the work we do:

Comenius reinforces my faith, provides intellectual sharpening, sustains spiritual renewal . . . I can’t imagine life on a secular college campus without it.

For Truth in Two, this is Dr. Mark Eckel, President of the Comenius Institute, personally seeking Truth wherever it’s found.



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