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Only the Trinitarian Christian worldview has the answer to the question, “How does everything fit together?”

About Myself- I am an educator, speaker, reviewer, and essayist of biblical persuasion with an entrepreneurial spirit. At present, I work as Professor of Leadership, Education & Discipleship for Capital Seminary & Graduate School, Washington, D.C.

About My blog—based on a phrase from my apologetical mentor, Francis Schaeffer—allows me opportunity to communicate my passions through the written word. I encourage folks to understand God’s world through God’s Word, seeing the intersection of all of life through a Scriptural lens.

My goal- as a Hebraic-Christian thinker is biblical synthesis—the essential meaning of Warp and Woof. My zeal is the assimilation, discovery, discernment, communication, and application of true Truth. I don’t care what the subject is; I love all of life.

I strive to publish an essay four to six times a month. Subscription is available through a number of social media venues.

There are five main categories that I write under. They are:

  1. Cultural-Practical: blogs which engage ideas and expose untruth
  2. Verbal-Visual: reviews of movies and books
  3. Biblical-Theological: essays dedicated to understanding God’s Word
  4. Educational-Teachable: articles wedding the teaching-learning process
  5. Authorial-Ideological: papers which look for truth in both fiction and non-fiction
If you would ever like to contact me, or offer suggestions or feedback, simply click here and I would be happy to hear from you.