Entice (2 min vid + text)

My job is not to make students learn . . . 

. . . but to entice them to learn.

What do professors want their students to remember about their classes years from now?

Watch our two minute video to find out (full text below).

Learning Truth necessitates we lead students to it.

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The old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

I disagree. I believe you can lead a horse to water and put a salt lick in front of the trough.

We can lead others to something beneficial, but they may not see it as positive. Our next action is not to give up, leave them at the trough. Our next action is to show how what we are leading them to, is beneficial for them.

In a recent issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education a group of faculty met to ask one question: what did they hope their students remembered from their class in twenty years? Top among the four excellent responses was this: they wanted students to have a passion for learning. The faculty desired that students would live a learned life of curiosity and joy.

As a lifelong educator, I believe the three most important questions any student asks are, “So what? Who cares? And Why should I listen to you today?”

My job as a teacher is not to make people learn, but entice them to do so.

In one of my classes this past semester we were evaluating the course on the final day. I asked the class their thoughts about the learning experience.

To a person, they said they never knew what to expect from one class hour to the next. “Every day your approach was different,” one student spoke for the rest, “We never knew what to expect. We didn’t want to miss class because we didn’t want to miss anything.”

How do we encourage passion for any student to learn? We make room for curiosity. We create expectation. We build anticipation.

And, we put a salt lick in front of the trough.

For Truth in Two, this is Dr. Mark Eckel, President of the Comenius Institute, personally seeking Truth wherever it’s found.

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