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What is the source of your goodness?

Can you have fruit without a root?

People want what is “good” without saying where “good” comes from.

Watch our two minute video (full text below).

Don’t complain when the tree stops producing its fruit after the roots are destroyed.

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An article written for The Washington Post was entitled “How to take Christ out of Christianity.” The author suggested that a focus on the spiritual or the cultural would leave us no need for the historical or supernatural Jesus.

My friend Matt and I discussed the article’s themes. Matt shoots straight and is a no-nonsense kind of guy.

“People just choose whatever is convenient, whatever suits them,” he began.

“Sure, you can say ‘there is no God’ and live your life the way you want,” he continued, “But don’t come at me saying ‘your God is your crutch.’ My response is always the same. ‘If you live your life on your terms you end up being your own crutch. How’s that working out for you?!’” Matt concluded.

“How’s that working out for you?!”

That is the question for those who think they can take Christ out of Christianity. You can’t take yourself out of the soil of Christianity.

You can’t have the Christian fruit, without the Christian root.

In another conversation an unbelieving friend and I were discussing the word “faith.” My friend began with a question, “Can’t you have your faith and I have my faith? Can’t I just believe what I want to believe? Can’t my belief let me live a good life?”

“Oh sure!” came my quick reply. “You can believe in anything you want! But if you want to live what you call a ‘good life’ you have to ask ‘Where did good come from?’ But if you are borrowing the concept of good taught in the Bible then I’m going to have to be real honest with you.”

I left the statement hanging in the air until I said “You can’t have the Christian fruit of goodness without the Christian root of goodness.”

For Truth in Two, this is Dr. Mark Eckel, President of the Comenius Institute, personally seeking Truth wherever it’s found.



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