Vocational Description: Dean, School of Undergraduate Studies

Mark Eckel, ThM PhD, Crossroads Bible College, Indianapolis, IN

Partnering in service for Christ’s Kingdom, the Dean of the School for Undergraduate Studies will promote the mission and mindset of Crossroads Bible College within his God-given vocational gifting:

  • Shepherd leading through community encouragement-exhortation
  • Passionate learning with students in classroom discourse
  • Contemporary speaking for ministry partners and interested outsiders
  • Innovative researching in faith-learning educational processes
  • Creative writing by engaging multiple cultural ideas

The Dean’s role for Christian higher education at Crossroads is explained as follows:

Shepherd Leading Believing that accountability takes place in community, encouragement and exhortation are the twin engines of Christian growth.  Discussion of Scripture, ideas, books, film, and curricula are best accomplished with others.  Serving The Church together, like-minded Believing peers will live in academic community.  Collegial conviviality will mark the relationship between Crossroads’ faculty members.

Passionate Learning Hebraic-Christian educational legacy makes no distinction between teaching and learning.  Content-centered, professor-directed, student-discovered is the three pronged biblical approach to instruction.  Enlivened learning is promoted by both teacher and student invested in the task of study.  Training the next generation of multiethnic urban Christian leaders is the ultimate goal.

Contemporary Speaking Relevant, current, and personal opportunities for direct instruction will be pursued.  Preaching, lecturing, and dialoguing will communicate true Truth in the marketplace of ideas with believers and unbelievers.  The cross-cultural mindset of Crossroads Bible College will be vocalized at every opportunity.

Innovative Researching Faith-learning integration must be the core of Christian higher education.  Biblical distinctiveness is driven by revelation ruling reason.  Studying new ideas, examining the latest approaches, developing fresh methodologies, and pioneering novel solutions to problems will come under the authority of Scripture.  Wedding Eternal Truths with common grace will mark Crossroads’ future directions.

Creative Writing Essays, articles, reviews, curricula, and books will prompt renewed Christian thinking in various academic areas.  Communication through the written word will mark Crossroads as a place where conservative Christian thought will be intertwined with compassionate academic directives in all of life.