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“I’ve got to meet these people!” said an excited Comenius student this fall.

At our lunch table meeting with students at IUPUI I was asking about college programs. Philanthropy is the focus of one in our group. “I’m really interested in gentrification**,” she said, adding, “Do you know anything about that?”

“As a matter of fact,” I began, “We had a radio show on that very topic a few months ago!” I texted our student the link to the podcast. Her enthusiastic reply came back, “Tell me more! I want to know what you know! I’ve got to meet the folks on the show!”

At Comenius, we walk across three bridges. Each bridge serves the others. One minute videos are hyperlinked below for explanation.

We bridge Christian college students (link) with public university life at IUPUI

We bridge Indianapolis communities (link) through our radio show with intentional connections between black and white leaders

We bridge Christian understanding of the culture (link) interpreting God’s world through God’s Word

One student’s interest in gentrification** was served by the Comenius sponsored radio show because we have a vested interest in how Christians serve the culture.


The Comenius Institute serves IUPUI students & professors, local churches & business people, community leaders & entrepreneurs. Our updated website is filled with college discussions (here), radio podcasts (here), writings on culture (here), and videos on topics of the day (here).

Comenius now has space at Collaborate 317 (link) where we rub shoulders with Indianapolis frontrunners, sharing good Christian ideas for the public good.


Comenius students find encouragement in maintaining Christian belief (Titus 1.9) in weekly meetings.


Radio broadcasts, writing, speaking, & teaching about Christians “doing good” (Titus 3.1, 8, 14) establishes Comenius as a positive catalyst in culture.


The Comenius Institute is a non-profit Christian study center in Indianapolis, Indiana. Comenius needs financial support from contributing patrons. Your patronage serves Christian college students in their studies, benefiting them as we engage culture through Christian video teaching, radio broadcasts, curricula writing, and more.

Comenius needs $40,000 to meet its modest budget!

Dr. Mark Eckel, President, The Comenius Institute [501(c)(3)] (website hereDonate online (here),, (text/talk 630.303.4891) Checks to “The Comenius Institute,” c/o Collaborate 317, 4202 N EMS Blvd #180, Greenfield, IN 46140

And ask me what Comenius would do with $1 million!

**gentrification usually refers to poorer people being displaced from their homes by wealthier home owners who renovate older sections of houses in a city, forcing those who cannot afford to live in the area with rising taxes to move. Find the Comenius podcast on the issue here (link).


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