Four, 3-4 minute videos on non-fiction writing.

Start small, start somewhere, but start.

These are the words I say to everyone who desires to write.

Earlier this year the Author Learning Center asked me to address questions concerning my own writing. The videos include my responses to the following ideas:

The meaning and reason for this website “Warp and Woof” (here)

Writing for a variety of non-fiction formats (here)

Overcoming writing fears while reaching diverse audiences (here)

Writing strategies toward a new book (here)

I hope that my words through a visual-verbal venue will be both a catalyst toward writing and an encouragement to keep writing for anyone who wants to write.

Start small, start somewhere, but start.

The Author Learning Center (find the link here) has a great number of writings by writers who encourage others to write. Dr. Mark Eckel writes as a book review editor for Christian Education Journal, a content provider in faith-learning integration for Curriculum Trak, and is presently at work on an essay “The Theological Foundations of the 20th Century Civil Rights Movement” with his friend and brother, Pastor Charlie Mitchell.





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