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27 October 15Over lunch, one of the students in the Comenius discussion gave this account:

‘Humans are basically good,’ my prof said in a lecture this week. When I asked upon what the instructor based her position, the response included, ‘experience,’ ‘research,’ and her ‘degrees.’

Comenius Back June 15We discussed that the professor’s comment was an ‘assumption,’ a matter of ‘doctrine,’ becoming her personal ‘belief.’ When someone begins thinking with a faith commitment, all her other thinking will be permeated by that faith.

Another student offered the importance of the Comenius meetings for herself. We had read articles from Salon, Huffington Post, First Things, and the Wall Street Journal about Kim Davis and Kentucky marriage licenses. She texted me later saying

Just an hour after our meeting the subject was brought up in my class. I was glad we discussed multiple points of view since I was only hearing one there.

1st Meeting 1 Se 15I love helping students to intelligently wrestle with and strategically apply their Christian faith to difficult issues. The Comenius Institute is a non-profit Christian study center in Indianapolis, Indiana on the campus of IUPUI. “Where wisdom and life connect,” the Comenius tag-line, explains both my passion and mission.

Patrons of The Comenius Institute will help support and equip young Christians to connect biblical wisdom to life’s questions. I am asking you to become a patron, to give ongoing support to The Comenius Institute. God has been preparing me for over 30 years as a teacher, professor, researcher, writer, and speaker to lead Comenius.

Comenius_Logo_5_Gold&Green (2)Comenius needs patronage; the financial support of my friends, old and new. It is my joy to ask for your patronage on behalf of The Comenius Institute! The “donate” button for your online donations is found on the website.

In the words of one of our students, here is what your financial help will provide:

Comenius has been a great help during my transition period from high school to college. Having a place to discuss absolutely anything with friends and a professor who cares not just about my mind but also about my soul has been a huge blessing. It has helped me to see the intersection of the ideas I’m discussing in class and my faith, and has allowed me to wrestle with points of conflict in a group setting. God is not absent on my campus.

Ebenezer Dec 15Join us in supporting The Comenius Institute. If you are interested in seeing the 15 slide power point explaining Comenius’ mission, activities, and involvements please send me an email request to the address below:

Mark Eckel, Th.M. Ph.D., President, The Comenius Institute [501(c)(3)], Checks to “The Comenius Institute,” c/o Dr. Mark Eckel, 11150 Plum Hollow Circle, Fishers, IN 46037

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