They are stomach turning.


If you have not watched the videos of Planned Parenthood officials discussing the salvaging of aborted baby body parts to sell, you should.

life4Many commentators have penned exceptional, must-read essays condemning Planned Parenthood, sponsors of Planned Parenthood, and defenders of Planned Parenthood: George Will, Ross Douthat, Jemar Tisby,  Rod Dreher, Kirsten Powers among them.

I could not add to their brilliant, incisive analysis, and condemnation.

Even the companies that donate to Planned Parenthood distanced themselves from the organization.

Businesses are concerned with their bottom line; but at least they did something.

What bothers me most is that our national leaders shamed themselves for not speaking out:

Shame on President Obama for not speaking out against Planned Parenthood

Shame on the Department of Justice for investigating the video makers not Planned Parenthood

Shame on the Senate who refused to de-fund Planned Parenthood

Shame on the New York Times for not condemning Planned Parenthood’s practice

Shame on liberal Christians who rail against injustices, except Planned Parenthood

life3I have a son and a daughter.

I have a granddaughter and another grandchild in utero.

I have friends and families who have suffered miscarriages trying to give birth.

I have friends who cannot conceive and suffer every day because of it.

I have friends and former students who support, sustain, and work for agencies dedicated to helping place children in adoptive homes.

I have supported and given financially to pro-life, adoption causes, especially with my words. [Type “abortion” into the search line of Warp and Woof.]

I have taught biblical pro-life principles to students for over 30 years.

life2I am saying to all of us, every American, every Christian, every human being:

If we can’t stand for life, what will we stand for?

Mark is President of The Comenius Institute and teaches for various institutions, organizations, and specifically his home church family Crossroads Community Church.

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  1. Hot topic, Dr. Eckel. But then, you don’t steer away from something just because it’s a big red button. 🙂

    My senior capstone paper had to do with the Personhood of embryos and clones. Abortion was one of the main topics in it.

    My mother became pregnant for me when she was 16. She was still in high school. My grandmother told her to get an abortion or get out of the house. I’m still here–my mother chose to get out of the house. Unfortunately, she could have chosen differently, courtesy of the law, and then I wouldn’t be here making this comment today. In fact, there was great pressure on her to choose differently. But she was brave, and fought for me.

    For me, abortion is a very real and personal thing.

    I am Pro-Life. Yes, I am even willing to take the label of “Anti-Choice”. I have no problem being against the choice that leads directly to the destruction of another human being, especially since most cases surrounding that choice are a matter of convenience. In fact, I see this as being tantamount to the child sacrifice condemned throughout the Scriptures. But people don’t sacrifice children to Molech or Baal anymore. They sacrifice children to the god of Convenience.

    Snarky people who think they’re making a point will mention Abraham and Isaac. Either they are ignorant as to the meaning of that episode, or they are not and are misconstruing it on purpose. Ignorance can be overlooked. But purposefully misconstruing the Scriptures–and I see it all the time–just gets my blood boiling.

    I am emotionally charged when it comes to this topic. No amount of willpower can seem to keep me from becoming emotional when engaging it. I simply can’t–and I can usually keep my cool debating and discussing most topics, even in the face of horrendous slander. But abortion is different. You see, whether someone wishes to believe it or not, I do believe that innocent, unborn human beings are being murdered, mainly for convenience, through the method of abortion.

    This is something I simply cannot tolerate. I cannot bring myself to vote for someone who is pro-choice, either. I was once criticized by a young woman who thought such a thing was stupid. If she saw unborn people the same way I do, she wouldn’t want to vote for someone who is pro-choice either.

    Barren mothers and couples suffer from the anguish of emptiness. Mothers and fathers mourn their child who was lost in miscarriage or during labor. Meanwhile, women have procedures done to get rid of the children they’re carrying, so that they don’t inconvenience them.

    So…I rambled. Thanks for the article, Dr. Eckel. Your points are succinct and powerful, as usual.

  2. So true, so true, so true. All life matters from womb to tomb, but let’s stop making the womb a purposed tomb. All life matters, and I’m speaking about human life, because we’re created in the image of our creator. The argument so often used, even by liberal christians, is why should a person have to give birth to a life conceived in rape? or If we know that the pregnant woman can not provide a safe and healthy environment for the baby, then wouldn’t it just be best to abort? If we call ourselves Christians, aka Christ-followers, then we have to believe in the whole Bible which brings us to “made in His image.” If “made in His image” is 100% true then all life, regardless of how it’s conceived, is “made in His image.” We, generality meaning, have empathy for someone who has been traumatized and therefore feel it’s right (in a rape conception) to end the pregnancy, but should this happen? I don’t speak lightly, or mean to appear cavalier since I am a man, however the question is appropriate. Abortion isn’t necessary because that life is “made in His image,” it doesn’t mean that the life was conceived properly yet it was allowed.
    Thank you Mark for your work and words for the Kingdom and for Life!

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