“Look! She’s showing off her baby bump!”

 15th Annual Warner Bros and InStyle Golden Globe Awards After Party

We celebrate human life in the womb with words like “bump” that make us smile. 

But smiles only go so far.

“A television comedy cannot show a woman choosing abortion.” 

Murphy BrownRobin, my wife, uttered these words when Murphy Brown was making the decision to keep her on-air-child in the 1990’s. The same holds true today. Gurl website declares,

Whether you’re pro-choice or pro-life, one thing is for sure: No one thinks having an abortion is fun or glamorous. Just talking about abortion is a major taboo and it is rarely mentioned on television or in the movies. Characters who do have unplanned pregnancies rarely even say the word “abortion” and almost never have them.

Bottom line? There is nothing funny about abortion. 

Few television dramas ever have characters choose abortion. Christina of Grey’s Anatomy had an abortion. But on the show, her baby bump girlsdecision destroyed her marriage: her husband walked out. HBO’s Girls aired an episode where a young woman was going to kill her child in utero. Her friends were going to throw an “abortion party.” But Girls’ producers dodged the final result when the character discovered she was not pregnant after all.

National Public Radio interviewed a Vatican spokesperson last Monday about Pope Francis’ “State of the World Address.” The media has been infatuated with Francis because of his honest displays of compassion, referring to his actions as “revolutionary.” But Monday’s speech referenced “the horror of abortion.” Francis’ declaration proved too much for NPR’s Renee Montagne. A tone of incredulity lathered Montagne’s voice as she asked John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter,

“Is this any kind of evidence that Francis might not be quite, you know, as what you might call revolutionary as he seems?” 

baby bump pope francisJohn Allen’s response was measured, generous.

“That reference to abortion came in the context of child soldiers and human trafficking. The Church’s pro-life teachings are part of a continuum that also include these other social concerns.”

Our culture and its communicators want everyone to agree with them about everything. 

If one is pro-life, abortion-apologists respond with amazement that someone is so simple-minded as to disagree with them. 

But I think pro-abortionists are decidedly dishonest. At last week’s Golden Globe Awards, commentators “oh’d” and “ah’d” at various actresses and their “baby bumps.”

Hollywood celebrates life only when it pleases them.baby bump golden globe

Hollywood has to celebrate life during happy occasions.

Hollywood is overwhelmingly pro-abortion in its outlook.

Hollywood is also dishonest about how it portrays its abortion beliefs.

Hollywood should be honest at an award show.

A celebrity critic would have been honest had she said,

“So-and-so just had an abortion this week!

Look! No baby bump!”


Mark’s righteous indignation is fueled by abortion; pro-abortion hypocrisy throws gas on that fire. Dr. Mark Eckel consistently writes about pro-life issues, including the March for Life each year; 22 January marks the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.


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  1. Abortion is one of those topics that makes my blood pressure sky rocket. I get so angry. Just a couple of weeks ago I watched a video on youtube posted by a girl who wanted to share her “positive abortion” experience, that she didn’t regret her decision. She didn’t regret it. There is something WRONG with this.

    What really sickens me is how pro-choice people can argue in favor of abortion and use a line like, “well the baby is dependent on its mother, so it’s not really its own individual”. I’ve heard this line more than once.

    Are you KIDDING ME?!?!?! First and foremost, the fact that they argue that a dependent can be killed because of its dependency is sick. Second, it’s dependent on its mother. What mother could possibly want to murder life that is dependent on her? God made mothers to be nurturing and loving toward their children. Anything else is sick and selfish and grossly evil. Third, three-month old babies are dependent on their mothers too. Does that mean we should kill them?

    There are many people who are so horrified by the fact that Spartans left “undesirable” babies out in the wilderness to be eaten by animals, but we still murder “undesirable” babies today. No, we don’t leave them out in the wilderness. We’re much cleaner, more sophisticated. We like our sins to look shiny, more respectable.

    And don’t even get me started on atheists who condemn the LORD for supposedly ordering child sacrifices yet are okay with abortion. The double-standards abound.

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