A Day Without God (Robin Eckel)

I would not be able to fully teach All Truth is God’s Truth.

Teacher in Prayer

If I lost the freedom of declaring the Truths of God in my class for even a day, some things would remain the same.

As the students walk into the classroom, I could still smile at them and let them know that I care about them. I could still teach great lessons of phonics, language arts, math, social studies, and science. I could still give facts about each of the subject areas. As a class, we could still play learning games and enjoy gaining knowledge. I could even help my students to treat each other nicely according to the Golden Rule.

But there are many things that would not happen if I could not present God in my classroom: 

The prayer book would be gone and students would not be allowed to share praises and concerns to be given to God.

• I would not be allowed to pray aloud for wisdom to guide my students.

• The students would not be encouraged by posters to live for God’s glory.

• Each student would not be told that s/he is unique and valuable because our mighty God created each one of them in His image.

• I would not be able to share Jesus’ love for my students when they do not feel loved or when they are hurt by others.

• We would not be able to sing and memorize God’s Word and know that we can move our bodies in worship to our God.

• We would not be able to hold God’s Word and read it together before we discuss His stories and learn how to live holy lives before our Great God.

• Language would just be words instead of a gift from God to be used and learned with care and responsibility.

• We could not talk about how God used words to create and to communicate with us; therefore we know it is important for us to learn to communicate with words because words are important to God.

• We would not learn to think about what we read; to look for biblical truth in all kinds of literature and informational texts.

• Math would just be numbers instead of patterns established by a God who does not change.

• Answers in math would not be subject to the True God and therefore answers would not always be right or wrong.

• We would not be able to say that history has any purpose or direction given by a Sovereign God.

• We would not be able praise our Sovereign God for the wonders discovered during science experiments and lessons.

• I would not be able to encourage the students to be creative because they were created by a creative Creator.

• We would not be able to express aloud our thankfulness for the food, clothes, homes, and families which God has given to us.

• I would not be able to guide the students with Scripture when they are struggling with sinful behavior or thoughts of inadequacy.

• I would not be able to fully teach All Truth is God’s Truth.

 I am so thankful that I am able to teach God’s Word as Truth and be committed to training students to live for God, our Savior and Lord.

Robin Eckel is a second grade Christian school teacher in Indianapolis, IN. The dinner table is a wonderful recounting of the day’s activities; we all look forward to Robin’s stories of Christian teaching.

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