Abortion | Fetus | UltrasoundNational Public Radio aired a report about the declining populations in European nations.  I was in my car going to work as I listened.  After every sentence the reporter uttered, I found myself saying the same word out loud, over and over, “Abortion.  Abortion.  Abortion.”  For years Western cultures have been killing their own futures.  Sustaining Social Security payments depends on current workers funding the system.  When Social Security programs go bankrupt in the future, one date will live in infamy: the 22nd of January, 1973.  On that day the Supreme Court of the United States passed Roe v. Wade allowing abortion on demand. 

When I engage students with the issue of abortion, I recount the story that President Ronald Reagan tells about his own experiences as governor of California.[1]  In 1968 a bill was introduced in the California legislature to make abortion available on demand.  Then Governor Reagan intently studied the subject, discovering something strange.  A California law made it murder to abuse a pregnant woman, causing the death of her unborn child.  Further research also revealed the unborn have property rights protected by law.  So, a man can leave his estate to any of his children yet to be born.  Reagan then set the following hypothetical situation before his lawyers.  A woman becomes a widow during her pregnancy.  In her husband’s will, he leaves an equal amount of his estate to both his wife and his unborn child.  Reagan then reasoned, if abortion on demand is acceptable, the woman could kill her unborn child and inherit the whole of her husband’s estate.  Addressing his lawyers Reagan asked, wouldn’t that act of abortion be murder for financial gain?  The end result of President Reagan’s deliberation over abortion based his pro-life policies on the property rights of the unborn.  My consistent comment to my students is that they should use the law to its full advantage to demonstrate the lawlessness of anti-life policies such as abortion.

It might seem purely selfish to consider a pro-life position based on money.  But honestly, when people do not listen to their conscience nor the 12-week old heart beat of the fetus in a womb, they may only listen to the sound of change, tinkling on a sidewalk.  The anniversary of Roe v. Wade is nothing to celebrate.  The 22nd of January is a yearly reminder of America’s own holocaust—50 million children killed in-utero.  Next time you have a discussion about the insolvency of Social Security, remember that by killing the unborn, we have killed our own future.


For Moody Radio, this is Dr. Mark Eckel, personally seeking truth wherever it’s found.

To be broadcast by Moody Radio, 16 January 2012.


[1] The following paragraph is excerpted from Reagan, In His Own Hand (Free Press, 2001), 380-85.

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  1. Here is an excerpt from The Daily Telegram’s commentary of Bob Duko’s visit to Adrian College:

    Talk show host delivers anti-abortion message
    ADRIAN, Mich. —
    During an anti-abortion benefit dinner Thursday, a Detroit Christian radio host criticized American culture’s view of abortion, viewing children with health problems as “defective”…

    Bob Dutko was the keynote speaker at Right to Life of Lenawee County’s annual “Focus on Life” benefit dinner at Adrian College. Dutko can be heard on station WMUZ of Detroit and also hosts the nationally syndicated talk show “Defending the Truth with Bob Dutko.” He is the former national press secretary for Christian Coalition of America.

    Dutko said many of his children have health problems that might have caused other parents to see them as “defective” and be tempted to have an abortion.

    “If they are defective inside the womb, then let’s get rid of them,” Dutko said. “Then maybe we’ll have better luck next time not having a defective child.”

    Dutko said his daughter collapsed in his arms and died at the age of 17 when her heart stopped beating due to a defect.

    “I had a ‘defective’ daughter,” he said.

    Five of his seven sons also have health problems, he added.

    “I can’t even imagine the concept that says if you have a defective child (it’s) better not to have that child, yet this is what we’ve been conditioned to think is actually normal,” he said.

    “This culture has got to change,” he said. “This mentality has got to change.”

    Dutko also criticized elected officials for their stances on abortion…

    “We need to know how passionate the atmosphere is in Washington, D.C., not to protect the unborn,” he said.

    Bill Kean, development coordinator with Right to Life of Michigan, said abortion opponents need to make other people see abortion as unthinkable and to develop “a new and innovative strategy for the days ahead.”

    “Not enough pro-lifers are acting like abortion destroys a human life and is manslaughter. Fifty years ago abortion was an unspeakable evil. Over those 50 years has abortion changed or have we? Have we allowed abortion to become part of the daily fabric of our life in America?”

  2. I’ve always found murdering innocent, helpless children who haven’t done anything to deserve abortion completely justified and reasonable!

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