Welcome to the New Warp and Woof!

My website looks like my library: my interests vary from Gothic horror to film noir to biblical exegesis to educational philosophy to leadership paradigms. I love discussing ideas, politics, culture, human nature, comic books, NFL football, literature, public policy, economic theory, movies, stories, and you-name-it-I’ll-engage-it.

But like my library, my website was cumbersome to use. I had to make a change. So Ryan McInerney, a friend of a friend, let me know he could help. Now anyone who comes to Warp and Woof will be able to find what they’re looking for.

I own every single book Dr. Seuss published. He is my favorite children’s author of all time. I tell you this because I like pictures just as much as the next person! So I’m thrilled that verbal will be linked with visual on the Warp and Woof website.

Some things never change. My interests are as eclectic as ever. You can be assured that my words are chosen very carefully—a major reason I only publish four to six times a month. Readers can be assured that my biblical mindset motivates every essay, sometimes without chapter and verse. And while my library may still be file-by-pile, my readers will be pleased to find what they seek with a couple of clicks.

Here’s What’s New:

  • Easier Navigation to get to what you’re looking for
  • Share the articles you enjoy through your favorite social networks
  • Converse with me and others about topics that interest you most with my improved commenting system
  • Recommendations about other articles that might interest you below each post
  • and much more

Welcome to the New Warp and Woof: a site dedicated to the intersection of all of life under the Lordship of Jesus, the Christ.

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