1. I became a believer in my late 30s. My values changed to the point I could no longer stay in the career path I was on. Now I am studying apologetics, bible, and theology in seminary and trying to figure out how I might make a living at it. My mom taught at a Christian school and I have a reoccurring notion that might be the direction the Lord is taking me. Your interview was very encouraging. Thanks for your ministry!

    1. Hi Chris. Keep me posted on your movement toward Christian schooling. I taught for 17 years as a junior/senior high school teacher in that venue. I entitled my courses “Christian Life and World Studies” which focused a biblical-theological lens on all things. Apologetics should be woven through our thinking as Christians (Titus 1:9). You are on a good track! Keep me posted.

  2. Hi Mark, I am a friend of your mother’s. She asked me if I wanted to listen to your interview. thank you for loving and caring for your mother. She is a dear.

  3. Thank you for another excellent reminder of seeing life consistently through the lens of biblical truth. Looking forward to Theology of Culture – I am beginning to read through Saving Leonardo and enjoying it immensely.

  4. This is great! Wow…Brian Auten. Who would’ve thought it back in the early 90’s. It was so much fun to go back in time and enjoy the memories. Apologetics is so important and to hear the History of it in every area.

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