A Prayer to Begin a New Christian School Year

May I remember Who made me,
and for Whom I was made.

May I be submissive to The Word,
applying The Text to myself
applying myself to The Text.

May I find my strength in The Spirit,
while I take responsibility to strengthen my body.

May I hold authority loosely in my open hand,
not closing it to make a fist of power.

May I defend those who cannot defend themselves;
both students and teachers that have no voice, but mine.

May I remain committed to mission
not falling prey to pragmatism to get something done
nor humanism, thinking I can do it myself
nor naturalism, thinking this world is all there is.

May I honor parents who sacrifice to put their children in my care,
while we work together under Your sovereign authority.

May my classroom be a microcosm of Your Grace
as I give Your Grace to my classroom.

May my teaching be born along by the movement of Your Spirit,
as I pray over my curriculum and lesson plans.

May my modeling before young people impact their character,
that they might develop “habits of the heart.”

May my prayers sustain those around me
As You sustain me.

May I live my life in sacrifice, supplanting my complaints
with compliance to your Sovereignty.

And may I live a life of gratitude: for being Your child,
and the grand and good task you have given me with children.

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